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Jase’s Outback Tour ’06


I published these updates some months ago before I began to get a handle on how dynamic this blog server is. Back then, I didn’t realise I could attach PDF’s to a post, or even multiple files! So here they are again photos and all, with a back dated time stamp. Below you’ll find the links to each account.

What I have to share is perhaps not that remarkable, except for the fact I have cerebral palsy. Cerebral Palsy greatly effects my movements and speech. While I may be able to drive a car, and ride long distances on a recumbent trike, fine motor controls such as writing with pen and paper, or tying shoe laces are either difficult or outright impossible. While I can be understood readily enough, people do need to make and effort to listen. Hence, I can never be sure of what reception I’ll get.

What I have to share is as a result of 12 years of dreaming, trying, failing, and occasionally succeeding. Hence it is only as a book that the full story can be told detailing the extraordinary work God has done in my life. No one, not even myself, would dare to have imagined I’d be wandering about the desert on my own. Without this background information, the full significance of the situations and peoples mentioned will be lost on most readers. You will also find repeated references to the Hotel Royal. This is not the local pub! It is my 4wd van which I’ve partially converted into a camper – a story in it’s own right. I hope in time, God will permit me to write such a book to his Glory and honour.


Broken Hill Alice Springs

Alice Springs (again)

Pilba (Woomera)

Adelaide (a big update)


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