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Spam, spam, spam, spam,
spamming so much fun.
Send it off to all your freinds,
annoying everyone!

Getting spam is part of the course of running a website. Fortunately, WordPress does a cracker job filtering it all out. Every so often, I scan the spam list just in case its been overzealous. Today, I found this:

Let me begin by saying that i love your site a lot
now.. back on topic hehe
I cant say that i agree with what you typed up… care to explain more?

Is it spam? or is it a genuine comment and question? To answer the question asked in the quote – no, I don’t care to explain more! WHY? Because I don’t know what on God’s good earth I’m suppose to be explaining!

The point to my little rant is this: If people want to ask questions, or let me know they think I’m off the planet, that’s fine! I got no problem with publishing criticism. All to God’s glory! But if you are going to criticise, or ask questions, BE SPECIFIC AND ARTICULATE! Otherwise, I’m going to spam it!

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